Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair
Width: 21.5” Depth: 24”
Height: 39” Seat Height: 18″

Daytona Chair is stackable and made of durable weather-resistant resin reinforced with glass fiber. Non-metallic frame will never unravel, rust or decay. It is UV protected which insures the colors will not fade.
For indoor and outdoor use.

Available Colors:

White Weather-Resistant Resin
Brown Weather-Resistant Resin
Dark Grey Weather-Resistant Resin
Dark Grey




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Siesta Care and Maintenance

Notice the warnings and follow at all times the instructions of use of the product.

To clean the plastic chairs and tables, use water and colorless and non-abrasive liquid detergents. Leave the soapy solution for a few minutes and then, if necessary, scrub the surface with a flexible bristle brush. Subsequently rinse with water. Avoid prolonged contact with coloured or fatty substances, because they can be absorbed by the polymer and leave stains. Thus, avoid prolonged contact with detergents or acidic or basic solvents. Abrasive cleaners that may affect the product must not be used, such as abrasives, glass cleaner, mops, eat. Do not use high pressure water cleaners because they can affect the polymer.

In case of metal products with scratches or small spots of rust due to a lack of care in the maintenance, they can be slightly repaired by polishing the affected areas. Then, apply antioxidant priming , and finally, bright enamel paint. Do not expose the products continuously and for a long period of time outdoors. These products are suitable for an intense but not permanent outdoor use. To maximize the useful life of the product store it in a place protected from sunlight, humidity, saline environments, dirt and high temperatures when not in use. It is recommended not to block or cover the products.

The use of products such as synthetic fibers, wood, aluminum, stainless steels, etc., is expressly not recommended by the manufacturer for use and/or exposure in areas with a significant level of salinity in the environment. The maintenance required by the synthetic fibre and textile is of at least two annual cleanings to remove dust and environmental waste that can remain in the mesh or braiding, as deposited dust and pollution may be perishable. Thus, avoid prolonged contact with colored or fatty substances (such as sun creams), since they can be absorbed by the material and leave permanent stains. To clean them it is recommended to use water with liquid, colorless and non-abrasive detergents. Leave the mixture of water with detergent acting a few minutes, and then, if necessary, scrub the surface with very flexible bristle brushes. Then rinse thoroughly. If you use water pressure systems for cleaning, be aware not to damage the surface. It is advised to clean and dry synthetic fibre properly before storing it for the winter, and do the same process at the beginning of the season, when will be used regularly.

OutDesign Group Siesta Brand Product Warranties.

This warranty covers all Siesta products including Contract Collection, Rattan Collection and Garden Collection.

Siesta uses the best materials and performs thorough control of all its manufacturing processes in order to provide its customers with the best quality. Under normal conditions of use and maintenance, Siesta provides all its furniture with a residential use warranty of 2 years in the USA against any manufacture defect. Manufacture defect doesn’t include product abuse, misuse, neglect and pollution damage. For the use of our products in non-domestic situations such as in hotels or the commercial market and in communities, the commercial use warranty is for 1 year, in accordance with the conditions previously stated. In the event of claim, contact Out Design Group directly to start the claim process. If, after inspection of the product, it should determined that there is a manufacturing defect, Siesta will decide whether it will repair or change the product.

Siesta and Out Design Group reserve the rights to cancel or modify any product, material, color or other item in its collections without prior notice.