Alpha Dining Arm Chair with Sling 2

Domestic Aluminum - DA2Luna
Domestic Aluminum - DA3Sandea
Domestic Aluminum - DA4Graphite
Domestic Aluminum - DA5Sandstone
Domestic Aluminum - DA6Speckled Oak
Domestic Aluminum - DA7Penny Vein
Domestic Aluminum - DA8Pewter Crater
Domestic Aluminum - DA9Weather Vein
Domestic Aluminum - DA10Sahara
Domestic Aluminum - DA11Textured Black
Domestic Aluminum - DA12Weathergreen
Domestic Aluminum - DA13Textured White
Domestic Aluminum - DA14Anodized Silver
Domestic Aluminum - DA1Bronze Age
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS1White Plus1
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS2Sand Plus2
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS3Salsa Shade3
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS4Snappy4
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS5Orange Envy5
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS6Lemon Yellow6
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS7Green Garden Plus7
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS8Limelight8
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS10Teal Shade10
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS11Teal Crush11
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS12Royal Blue Plus12
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS13Navy Plus13
Domestic Standard Sling - DSS14Black Plus14
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW1White
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW2Mahogany
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW3Red
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW4Key Lime
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW5Green
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW6Royal Blue
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW7Navy Blue
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW8Silver
Domestic Upgraded Sling Weave - DUSW9Grey
Domestic Upgraded  Sling Weave - DUSW10Black
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Size: 26″W x 18″D x 35″H x 18″SH x 26″AH

Weight: 12 Lbs.

Frame: Powder coated aluminum with sling

Sling: Domestic sling only

Notes: Indoor/outdoor use, with nylon foot glides, stackable


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