Pillow 2 Seater Sofa with Wood Grain PC ALU Base Slats

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Aluminum - A1Glossy White1202586
Aluminum - A2Matte White1200371
Aluminum - A3Silver93328AC
Aluminum - A4Matte Silver1200576
Aluminum - A5Taupe72522
Aluminum - A6Sandstone48381H
Aluminum - A7Terra Cotta14797A
Aluminum - A8Orange1219624
Aluminum - A9Olive1219626
Aluminum - A10Juniper Green14940A
Aluminum - A11Vivid Blue14995A
Aluminum - A12Olive Grey1215966
Aluminum - A13Dark Grey70576
Aluminum - A14Anthracite72412
Aluminum - A15Matte Black13569A
Aluminum - A16TeakWG
Kun fabric - KF2Fontelina#090
Kun fabric - KF3Fontelina180
Kun fabric - KF12LionVITA7
Kun fabric - KF13MandarinaVITA29
Kun fabric - KF14VerdeVITA30
Kun fabric - KF15GrisVITA51
Kun fabric - KF16MarengoVITA53
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Size: 77 1/2″W x 37″D x 32 1/2″H x 16 1/2″SH x 24 3/4″AH

Frame: Solid colored or wood finish PC ALU slatted base in teak color and solid colored PC ALU legs 

Cushion: Attached reticulated quick dry foam

Fabric: KUN Fabrics

Notes: Indoor/outdoor use, with nylon foot glides 

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