Samui 2 Seater Ocean Bed with Sling Platform Base

Aluminum - A1Glossy White1202586
Aluminum - A2Matte White1200371
Aluminum - A3Cream15325A
Aluminum - A4Glossy Silver90854
Aluminum - A5Matte Silver1200576
Aluminum - A6Beige16968A
Aluminum - A7Dark Grey70576
Aluminum - A8Cocoa20193
Aluminum - A9Taupe72522
Aluminum - A10Dark Brown81215
Aluminum - A11Coffee20145
Aluminum - A12Glossy Bronze1202324
Aluminum - A13Asphalt Grey72412
Aluminum - A14Brown14469A
Aluminum - A15Matte Black60436
Aluminum - A22Juniper Green14940A
Aluminum - A29Cream White1215966
Aluminum - A30Terracotta14797A
Aluminum - A31Peach1219622
Aluminum - A32Tangerine1219624
Aluminum - A33MagmaPE7001
Aluminum - A34Curcum1216034
Aluminum - A35Olive1219626
Aluminum - A36Carbon13569A
Aluminum - A37Aqua14939A
Aluminum - A38Vivid Blue14995A
Aluminum - A39Midnight Blue1219623
Aluminum - A40Silver Grey1216152
Aluminum - A48Khaki1219749
Aluminum - A49Mocha1201844
Batyline - B2Snow7407-5001
Batyline - B3Steel7407-5003
Batyline - B4Slate7407-5004
Batyline - B5Ebony7407-5005
Batyline - B6Night7407-5006
Batyline - B7Corn Flower7407-5007
Batyline - B8Cherry7407-5011
Batyline - B9Ash7407-5014
Batyline - B10Coffee7407-5015
Batyline - B11Buttercup7407-7017
Batyline - B12Sand7407-5029
Batyline - B13Chocolate7407-5048
Batyline - B14Atoll7407-5347
Batyline - B15Platinum Grey7407-5374
Batyline - B16Incense7407-5376
Batyline - B17Linen7407-5378
Batyline - B18Anthracite Grey7407-5700
Batyline - B19Chestnut7407-50070
Batyline - B20Peacock7407-50865
Batyline - B21Tomette7407-50866
Batyline - B22Cloud7407-50881
Batyline - B23Hazelnut7407-50882
Batyline - B24Yucca7407-50885
Batyline - B25Solar7407-50886
Sling - S15001
Sling - S55015
Sling - S85003
Sling - S115005
Sunbrella canvas - CV1Canvas Air Blue5410-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV2Canvas Antique Beige5422-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV3Canvas Aruba5416-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV4Canvas Bay Brown5432-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV5Canvas Bird Eye5472-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV6Canvas Black5408-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV7Canvas Blush57000-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV8Canvas Brass5484-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV9Canvas Brick5409-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV10Canvas Burgundy5436-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV11Canvas Buttercup5438-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV12Canvas Camel5468-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV13Canvas Canvas5453-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV14Canvas Capri5426-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV15Canvas Charcoal54048-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV16Canvas Chestnut57001-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV17Canvas Coal5489-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV18Canvas Cocoa5425-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV19Canvas Cork5448-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV20Canvas Cyan56105-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV21Canvas Fern5487-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV22Canvas Flax5492-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV23Canvas Forest Green5446-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV24Canvas Ginkgo54011-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV25Canvas Glacier5428-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV26Canvas Granite5402-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV27Canvas Heather Beige5476-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV28Canvas Henna5407-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV29Canvas Hot Pink5462-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV30Canvas Iris57002-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV31Canvas Jockey Red5403-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV32Canvas Logo Red5477-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV33Canvas Macaw5429-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV34Canvas Melon5415-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV35Canvas Mineral Blue5420-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV36Canvas Natural5404-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV37Canvas Navy5439-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV38Canvas Pacific Blue5401-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV39Canvas Palm5421-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV40Canvas Parrot5405-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV41Canvas Raven Black5471-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV42Canvas Regatta5493-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV43Canvas Rust54010-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV44Canvas Sapphire Blue5452-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV45Canvas Sky Blue5424-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV46Canvas Spa5413-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV47Canvas Sunflower Yel5457-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV48Canvas Tangelo14061-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV49Canvas Tangerine5406-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV50Canvas Taupe5461-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV51Canvas Teak5488-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV52Canvas Teal5456-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV53Canvas Terracotta5440-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV54Canvas True Blue5499-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV55Canvas Tuscan5417-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV56Canvas Vellum5498-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV57Canvas Walnut5470-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV58Canvas Wheat5414-0000
Sunbrella canvas - CV59Canvas White57003-0000
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Size: 63″W x 74 3/4″D x 6 3/4″H

Weight: 84 Lbs

Frame Finish: Powder coated aluminum

Sling: Signature Series stocked or Batyline ISO sling

Bed Cushion: Split back bed cushion with hood attachment, reticulated quick dry foam with knife edge and hidden nylon zipper

Fabric : COM or Sunbrella Canvas upholstery fabric

COM Yardage: 9.5 yards per bed with 54” wide no repeat fabric

Notes: Indoor or outdoor use, with nylon foot glides, adjustable split back bed

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